The Smart Property System:
the source of our strength

Kognition’s revolutionary, patent-pending smart property system will transform the way you manage your commercial properties on an enterprise-wide basis.

Combine existing cameras, sensors, and smart devices into a single, cognitive ecosystem capable of automating your most complex business processes. Kognition creates advanced situational intelligence by aggregating and analyzing real-time data with deep neural networks and machine learning. Kognition makes proactive decisions and takes action in real-time.

The result? Your property is well managed, effectively and efficiently with minimized risk. In addition, our state-of-the-art system is scalable to suit even the most demanding needs. Experience the savings, safety and sustainability made possible by Kognition’s patent-pending software, best of breed hardware, and cloud services.

Advanced Technology

Proactive Smart Alerts

Real-Time Streaming Analytics

Historical Video Keyword Search

Object Detection

Facial Recognition

3D Spatial Intelligence

IoT Interoperability Engine


  • 360-degree, enterprise-wide visibility providing unprecedented insight and control
  • Real-time AI applied across all connected devices, regardless of vendor
  • Increased ROI from existing infrastructure investments
  • Freedom from hardware or data vendor “lock-in”
  • Proactive, autonomous, real-time analysis and response
  • Always up-to-date

Smart Property Reimagined

Recently, blockchain technology has been in the news constantly. Distributed ledger and cryptocurrencies are promising to transform industries globally, from financial services to healthcare. Each day organizations are discovering how they too can leverage blockchain technology to fundamentally advance their goals and objectives.

And, when it comes to smart property, blockchain technology is a perfect fit. With a smart property blockchain, all issues of ownership, control, interoperability, security, and intelligence can be codified on an unalterable, distributed ledger. With a trusted, open, and decentralized platform, like KOIN, a whole new market for smart property is now possible.

Introducing KOIN, a smart property blockchain and open economy.

To stimulate growth and innovation in the smart property market, Kognition created KOIN, the world’s first Decentralized Autonomous Smart Property (DASP) blockchain. KOIN is a completely new type of open initiative, with an open economy, open governance, and open source code. With a totally level playing field, KOIN offers many advantages for owners and operators of smart property, as well as for smart property hardware, software and service providers. KOIN is free to join and the platform features open source code and pre-built templates developers can use to rapidly build and commercialize smart property solutions.


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