Turn your property into a smart property

A smart property is self-aware and always vigilant. It never loses focus, never takes a break, and doesn’t shut down.

It works with your new and existing cameras, sensors, and connected devices to create an interoperable, cognitive ecosystem capable of automating your most complex business processes. A smart property can monitor itself, analyze each situation, and take appropriate action autonomously — whether that means turning off lights and lowering a thermostat when no one is around, or sounding an alarm, locking-down a building, and alerting emergency responders when disaster strikes.

Reduce risk, improve performance, and drive ROI. Sounds like the future, but it’s here right now.

A Smart Property:

A smart property is a secure property

Kognition’s converged security system is an AI-powered platform that detects threats and deploys countermeasures autonomously. Kognition can see common objects, recognize faces, and track people in live video across all your new and existing cameras. With Kognition’s real-time data stream monitoring technology, you can detect previously undetectable threats and proactively trigger countermeasures. In addition, Kognition’s unified control plane gives you enterprise-wide visibility and control over all sensors, cameras, and connected devices through one, simple dashboard.

Smart Property Benefits

Uncover and close vulnerabilities

Identify who should and shouldn’t be on your property

Prevent security breaches

Proactively manage risks and deploy countermeasures before damage occurs

Reduce liability and exposure

Demonstrate “reasonable efforts” with AI-powered automated processes

Enhance regulatory compliance

Facilitate audits with fully documented standard operating procedures

Break free from vendor lock-in

Enjoy superior flexibility and savings with an open, interoperable system

Security Solutions

SuperGuard is Kognition’s comprehensive AI-powered smart security platform that includes all of our smart security solutions in one integrated package.


Eliminate all unauthorized access by aggregating and comparing facial recognition and ID data in real-time. Close previously undetectable access control vulnerabilities. Streamline admission process. Detect lost or stolen badges and prevent piggybacking. Secure audit of all entrants.


  • Facial recognition through existing video cameras
  • Anti-spoofing and liveness detection
  • People counting
  • Real-time alerts
  • Integrates with third party card readers smart locks


  • Enhance protection of secure areas
  • Detect and deter unwanted guests
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Build your own watch lists of authorized and blacklisted individuals


Powered by Kognition’s ever vigilant artificial intelligence, our early warning threat detector monitors live video from your existing cameras and can detect guns, knives, fights, and even active shooters in real-time. When threats are detected, your school safety officer and local law enforcement are immediately alerted.


  • Real-time weapon detection
  • Smart alerts with integrated video clips
  • Daily risk report
  • Optional connectivity to local law enforcement
  • Configurable privacy settings


  • Advanced early warning of threats
  • Decrease incident response time
  • Proactive, real-time countermeasures
  • Preempt incidents before damage occurs
  • Identify incident locations instantly
  • Suspicious activity detection


Detect and track people in motion throughout your property and across your enterprise. Analyze activity levels, wait times, dwell times, queue lengths, popular paths, and new and repeat visitors.


  • Detect and track people in real-time using existing cameras and sensors
  • Count people moving through doorways and space
  • Analyze common paths and motion
  • Analyze activity levels, behavior and engagement
  • Generate floorplan heat maps
  • Configurable privacy settings


  • Improve workflow
  • Enhance productivity
  • Enhance security and safety
  • Optimize space utilization

Custom Solutions

If you could benefit from our technology, but your specific needs seem outside the scope of our current offering, please contact us. Kognition may be able to deliver a custom application, tailored specifically to your needs.


Future solutions are being designed and built by Kognition’s research and development team.  Please contact us if you’d like early access to software or want to partner to accelerate bringing these solutions to market.


Lower energy costs and consumption, reduce carbon footprint—with our smart property system.

Gain greater visibility and control of your environment from a single dashboard. Integrate with existing energy management systems to monitor and adjust usage for optimum results and savings, not to mention the green benefits of reduced energy consumption.


Our smart property system seamlessly integrates with existing facility operations to monitor, adjust, detect, control, and when necessary, alert you to issues before they become problems. Experience significant ROI from optimal maintenance scheduling, performance gains and preemptive failure detection.

  • Predictive maintenance analytics preempts costly equipment failures before they occur
  • Autonomous drones execute high-risk and ad-hoc inspections
  • Multi-spectral building scans provide before/after analysis, verify building integrity, and suggest recommended maintenance tasks