The link selects Kognition security and safety AI for new building in Nocatee, FL

PHILADELPHIA, PA – June 9, 2021 – Founder and innovator Raghu Misra, announced the link team is working with renowned technology leader Matias Klein and his company Kognition, as developers of an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) software platform with automated security, safety and compliance procedures in Nocatee. Innovators Raghu Misra and Matias Klein have worked together to design an environment for the link members which automates health and safety measures in the 22,500-square-foot commercial building slated to open for business in early to mid-summer at 425 Town Plaza Avenue, Ponte Vedra, Florida.

Kognition’s patented AI processes data from cameras, video analytics, sensors, and connected IoT devices in real-time to detect human activity, threats, irregularities, and other health and security policy violations. A COVID-19 health and safety suite of services will offer comprehensive health security tools with methods such as touchless access controls and contact tracing software based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to help protect staff, members, vendors, and visitors.

“We are pleased to have Matias and his team create a safer, smarter, and more secure campus. the link’s overarching and innovative connectivity in northeast Florida combined with Kognition’s state-of-the-art business model will unlock significant value for us as property owners and operators,” said Misra. “the link will be the first facility in the area designed at the same level as many of the world’s largest companies with building intelligence and sustainability.”

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Kognition is a leader in smart spaces AI, a cutting-edge branch of computer science focused on real-time interoperability of data streams and deep learning from diverse vendors and sources that are networked together and actuated in the real world, also known as the Internet of Things (IoT).  The fusion of AI and IoT creates higher-level intelligence and automation through an interdisciplinary approach, thereby performing tasks that historically would require human intelligence.

“Advancements in deep learning and smart spaces AI are creating a paradigm shift in virtually every facet of the built environment,” said Klein. “We are pleased to provide the link with an intelligent enterprise software infrastructure that promotes safety, security, and health for its members, visitors and employees… especially during the current pandemic environment, and beyond.”

Misra also plans to collaborate with Kognition to train a diverse group of young people in the emerging field of innovative sciences and leadership studies with a focus on mindsets and behaviors essential to improvement and practice with video tagging, machine learning, economic, environmental, social and cultural impacts, and more.

According to Misra, the Nocatee community, which is rated as the #1 place to live in Florida, merits a structure like the link. “As businesses adjust, prepare and continue to operate safely, building owners and operators are looking for opportunities to incorporate secure technology solutions that adhere to health safety measures. We are dedicated to proactively protect the security for all who are in the internal and external proximity of our building,” he said. “The outpouring of support, interest, and collaboration from potential members and users of the space has continued. We affirm the need for this type of model project and innovators like Matias and Kognition to position the one-of-a-kind venue for our members.” For more information, visit

Raghu Misra & Matias Klein

About the link:

the link is a one-of-a-kind venue where members come to Learn-Play-Think-Do. The building facility will become the hub for the residents of Nocatee, Ponte Vedra Beach, and northern  St. Johns County. the link anchors residents and community life, and fosters and facilitates creative and fulfilling interactions of thought, productivity, and human development by providing solutions and space for people to thrive holistically. For more information, visit

About Kognition:

Kognition is a leading provider of cyber-physical threat detection systems. Its patented enterprise software utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically network all existing and future building sensors to a dynamic analytics platform. Kognition’s user interface rapidly turns surveillance footage and data into actionable alerts to prevent the spread of diseases, active shooters, hacking, espionage, theft, and other high-value dangers. A growing list of Fortune 500 customers rely on Kognition’s products & services everyday for their security, pandemic mitigation, and sales/labor management needs. For more information, visit

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