Matias Klein is a medical school dropout who is still out to save lives. Orlando “Jahlil Beats” Tucker is a hip-hop producer and songwriter trying to help breathe new life into his beleaguered Delaware County hometown of Chester.

Both are hoping a marriage gets them there.

That union is of two techie game-changers — artificial intelligence (machines making decisions) and the Internet of Things (machines talking to each other) — at the core of Kognition, a Manayunk start-up Klein cofounded two years ago to protect lives and businesses not with stethoscopes, MRIs and blood tests, but with AI, facial-recognition software, and smart devices,,, [ read more ]

Ra-Tah Johnson (left), Orlando "Jahlil Beats" Tucker (center), and David "Doobie" Elliott in front of one of their recent real estate purchases in Chester.


Ra-Tah Johnson (left), Orlando “Jahlil Beats” Tucker (center), and David “Doobie” Elliott in front of what is to become a high-tech community command center in Chester’s largely forlorn business district.