Tech Partnership Aims To Make Schools Safer By Making Them Smarter


In response to the spate of horrific attacks in recent years, two technology companies are partnering to improve the level of safety and security in schools nationwide. Kognition, creators of the world’s first enterprise-wide, hardware-agnostic smart property system, and, the leading school safety software platform have teamed up to offer intelligent threat detection technology that monitors for threats in real-time and proactively takes action to mitigate risks before disaster strikes.

“We’ve all seen the power of artificial intelligence at work; whether we realize it or not. Why wouldn’t we use our most powerful tools to protect what we value most, our children?”, said Matias Klein, Kognition co-founder and CEO.

The new solution combines the power of artificial intelligence and data analytics with live feeds from video cameras, sensors, and other connected devices to continuously monitor school premises for threats.  The system can proactively look for weapons, aggressive behavior, and other suspicious activity and can take appropriate action, such as locking-down the school and or notifying law enforcement. This powerful early warning system can even “learn” over time and become situationally aware of its environment.  The new system can predict risks and identify potential problems based on analysis of historical data.

“The next step will be making sure that every school has access to this critical new technology for school safety,” said Klein. Kognition has initiated efforts to launch a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to this very purpose, with a website slated to be up and running late October, 2018.

“No parent or child should ever have to worry about safety when going to school.  We like to say, ‘your property can look after you’,” joked Klein. “Now, that includes schools, too.”

Pat Bhava, the founder of created the technology platform when he saw glaring deficiencies in his own child’s school. “While access controls and physical barriers can provide a basic level of safety, Unobtrusive and intelligent technology is the answer as we continue to evolve”

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