Philadelphia company turns commercial properties into autonomous “smart” properties. First ever, enterprise-wide smart property solution launched.

September 6, 2018


Kognition, a Philadelphia-based technology company, announces the release of the world’s first enterprise-wide smart property solution. In effect, the solution enables a commercial property to monitor the premises, identify patterns, analyze anomalies and take the appropriate action—whether that means adjusting a thermostat, shutting down equipment or notifying the police.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence and real-time analytics, the cloud-based solution is also extremely interoperable, and works with existing systems, software, sensors and other smart devices. It can even deploy drones to inspect a situation.

 “We designed our software to turn any property into a smart property,” said Matias Klein, CEO of Kognition. “But it’s more than that. The system isn’t just proactive—it’s  preemptive—identifying issues before they cost time and money—or worse.”

Kognition’s innovative solution can be used across a wide spectrum of industries and further customized to address the specific needs of an individual business.

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