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  • Kognition CEO Opinion: More Than Just a Chatbot…It’s Time to Leverage the Power of AI to Improve Public Safety and Security
    PHILADELPHIA, PA – April 19, 2023 – Cities and businesses grapple with ongoing issues of public safety and security, a problem which only seems to be getting worse over time. Lack of funding, the limited availability of security or law enforcement personnel and the complex nature of the threat landscape are just some of the challenges facing those living and working in areas prone to crime of all types.
  • Kognition Announces Partnership with View Inc. to Integrate Smart Building Cloud and Smart Glass Technology
    PHILADELPHIA, PA, March 28, 2023 — Kognition, a leading AI safety & security startup, has announced a new partnership with View Inc. (NASDAQ: VIEW), the market leader in smart glass that automatically adjust in response to the sun and improve human health and wellness by increasing access to natural light and views of the outdoors, while minimizing heat and glare.
  • Kognition CEO Interview: Enterprise Cyber-Physical Security AI for Real World Threat Detection
    PHILADELPHIA, PA, March 18, 2022 — We’re all used to the idea that users and enterprises should always implement necessary security measures to protect their devices from cyberattacks. Indeed, threat actors develop malicious programs and execute them on the targeted systems remotely. But what about real-life infiltrations?
  • Kognition to Accelerate 5G Edge Security Applications by Running Smart Building AI Platform on Google Cloud
    PHILADELPHIA, PA, June 17, 2021 — Kognition, a leader in enterprise-grade cyber-physical security AI for smart spaces, announced today its partnership with Google Cloud to deliver its security and safety applications to the edge with Google Cloud and Anthos. By joining Google Cloud’s 5G edge/ISV initiative, Kognition aims to transform built environments across the globe into smart, AI-enabled spaces. Utilizing Kognition’s patented enterprise AI for smart buildings and Google Cloud’s Anthos, property managers and security operators will be empowered with real-time data analytics to better protect their tenants, visitors, and employees with real-time alerts that help prevent the spread of diseases, active shooters, hacking, espionage, theft, and other high-impact dangers.