Kognition Watchlist alerts you in real-time when a person of interest appears at your location.

Combining the industry’s most accurate face matching engine together with people detection, tracking, and patented signal processing, Kognition Watchlist provides world class identity verification to serve a host of use cases accross many different industries.

  • Bad actor and VIP alerts
  • Works with existing IP cameras
  • Top ranked facial recognition engine globally
  • Real-time mobile alerts (SMS or email)
  • Interoperable with existing video management, access control and visitor management systems 
  • Highly scalable
  • Data stored at edge 
  • Cybersecure with SSL encryption
  • Protects privacy
  • No data mined or shared with 3rd parties

Kognition’s Watchlist recognizes and alerts in real-time to the presence of designated individuals (including banned persons or VIPs) as they enter and move throughout a building or campus.

According to research, a significant percentage of security breaches are perpetrated by disgruntled former employees and contractors who are able to defeat legacy security systems, even including guards stationed in lobbies and by entryways.