Emergency Response

Enterprise-Wide Smart Property System

"Kognition and its partners are already working to minimize the spread of germs. Our touchless entry and intelligent video solutions enable contact tracing and hands-free, secure access to office buildings. We are actively engaged in building Artificial Intelligence that leverages thermal cameras to proactively detect people who may be sick. We believe this will help to mitigate the spread of the virus."
Matias Klein
Co-Founder and CEO

Fever Detection

Real-time Screening of Staff and Customers

Kognition helps identify individuals with elevated skin temperature and proactively sends alerts to those individuals and to staff to help keep workers safe and facilities virus-free.

Kognition can:

  • Estimate body temperatures and fuse data with surveillance video to flag sick individuals
  • Provide real-time alerts on elevated body temperature
  • Create a timestamped transaction for each screened individual
  • Send out text messages and emails to alert staff


Track and Trace Movement of People

Kognition tracks individuals’ movements across locations and identifying persons with whom they’ve been in contact, aid in limiting the spread of viruses.

One-click reporting on:

  • A person’s location history
  • All persons detected in the same locations
  • Social distancing adherence

Touchless Entry

Germ-Free Secure Access

Kognition’s secure, touchless access to office buildings eliminates the need to touch common surfaces, like door handles and badge readers, where viruses can easily live and spread.

Kognition’s Next Gen Access Control includes integrated:

  • World-Leading Facial Recognition
  • Mobile Phone Identification
  • Smart Door Controller

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