COVID-19 Kognition Update

COVID-19 has caused seismic shifts impacting all of our lives. From families, organizations and communities, we are each affected. At Kognition, we are reframing the way we look at our technology and determining how we can most accurately and effectively address the critical needs this pandemic has created. We are accelerating our R&D and collaborating with industry and partners to harness collective capabilities. Our mission now is to help our heroes on the front line and to meet the future challenges around this pandemic.

Kognition and its partners are already working to minimize the spread of germs. Our keyless entry and intelligent video solutions enable contact tracing and touchless, secure access to office buildings. We are actively engaged in building Artificial Intelligence that leverages thermal cameras to proactively detect people who may be sick. We believe this will help to mitigate the spread of the virus.

Kognition is committed to leapfrogging the usual barriers so we can get innovative solutions to where they are needed quickly. It is up to all of us to work together to identify, recognize and deploy each other’s strengths to rebuke this collective threat. Together we will make a difference to protect our families, organizations and communities.