The Kognitive approach

We create brilliant solutions that make the world smarter and more secure.

At Kognition, we believe that life can never be safe enough, smart enough, or green enough.

We believe that “easy” doesn’t deter success, it encourages it. That’s why we create technology products and services that perform essential tasks brilliantly, and enable you to redirect your efforts more effectively for greater results.


Matias Klein
President & CEO

Matias is a visionary entrepreneur and innovator with a long and successful track record of launching groundbreaking new software solutions. Most recently Matias was Vice President of Product Management at McKesson (NYSE: MCK) where he was responsible for driving growth and innovation in a $1B financial services software portfolio. Prior to McKesson, Matias was SVP of Technology and led R&D and technology operations at Portico Systems, which McKesson acquired for $90M. Matias joined Portico's leadership team when they acquired his first startup, Ethidium Health Systems.

Eric Smith

Eric is a proven technology executive and serial entrepreneur with extensive operating experience. Eric has led and scaled high performance teams and delivered strong operating results for startups and Fortune 500 businesses on both domestic and international levels. Previously, Eric was CSO/CFO of AI and machine learning startup, ColdLight Solutions, which was sold to PTC (NYSE: PTC) for $105M. Prior, Eric was co-founder and President of ESnet, which was funded and acquired by DuPont (NYSE: DD). Eric holds a Computer Engineering degree from University of Florida and an Executive MBA from Duke.

Jim Carroll

Jim is a skilled computer scientist and expert in highly-scalable machine learning platforms. Jim was previously Chief Technologist at Coldlight Solutions where his innovative team of software engineers built a general purpose infrastructure for training and operationalizing machine learning models for verticals including healthcare, media, retail, and IoT. Prior to ColdLight, Jim was Chief Software Architect at, which was acquired by Nokia. Jim’s team built Nokia’s vehicle traffic system, which was one of the first large-scale streaming frameworks used as the backbone of a heterogeneous distributed platform.

Advisory Board

  • Cynthia Brinkley - Former Chief Administrative and Markets Officer,Chief Operations Officer,Centene; Chief Human Resource Officer, General Motors; SVP Talent Dev. and Chief Diversity Officer, AT&T
  • Ryan Caplan - Founder, CEO, Trovir; Former CEO, ColdLight
  • Don Linsenmann - Former VP Business Process Excellence, Sixth Sigma, DuPont CEO and founder Executive Transformation Mentoring, LLC
  • John Loftus - Managing Director, Actua
  • Ned Moore - CEO, Clutch; Co-founder, former CEO, Portico System
  • Bill Pocklington - CEO, Bellrock Intelligence
  • Michael Rashid - Treasurer, NAML Foundation, Former CEO, AmeriHealth Mercy
  • Scott Snyder - Partner, Digital Transformation & Innovation Heidrick & Struggles; Senior Fellow The Wharton School
  • Andrew Steinerman - Business and Information Services Equity Research Analyst, J.P. Morgan
  • Andy Timm - Founder, CEO, Crucibleworx; Former CTO, PTC
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Kognition Gives Back

The Safer, Smarter World Foundation is a non-profit charity established to provide AI-powered smart security systems to disadvantaged K–12 public schools, at no charge. Help us make schools safer nationwide, without raising taxes or changing gun laws.

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