Next-Gen Access Control

Kognition provides a keyless, touchless entry system for buildings that is convenient and secure.

Our enterprise solutions can be configured to meet your most complex needs.

Advanced Security

Proactive real-time alerts of unauthorized piggybacking entries

Add an extra layer of security to facial recognition with double authentication for enhanced control

touchless capability

A hands-free, germ-free, access creates a safer workplace and peace of mind for employees and visitors.

Seamless Convenience

Now your face and phone grants you streamlined secure access, eliminating the need for a key, fob, or badge

Visitor Experience

Create a world class visitor experience that is easy, automated, and fully integrated with building security

access options

Mix and match options to meet your buildings’ unique needs. 

Your face is your key

  • Integrate world-leading facial recognition with existing security infrastructure
  • No key or badge required
  • Complete audit of all access


Your phone is your key

  • Integrated mobile access control 
  • Complete audit control
  • Compatible  with  iPhone, Android

Integrated visitor management

  • Automate visitor admission and grant temporary access
  • Real-time facial recognition alerts
  • Integrates with access control